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Height measurement Trimos
Height, thickness and   sequential measurement

Min max measurement Trimos
Detection of min, max points or flatness (delta)

Diameter measurement Trimos
Diameter and centerline  measurement (graphical help on V7 & V9 models)
SmartReverse  technology
Electronic probe squareness measurement
Squareness measurement with electronic probe

2d measurement Trimos
2D coordinates measurement with clear graphic interface (on V7 & V9 models)

Small diameter measurement Trimos
Small diameter measurement with insert Ø 4mm and small sized ball

Application Height Gauge V7_04

Trimos V7 – 1800 mm, the tallest height gauges on the market
Angles and cones measurement Trimos
Measurement of angles & cones (graphically assisted on models V7 & V9)

Application Height Gauge V5_01

Measurement of small mechanical parts with high productivity level
height gauge long_probes

Interchangeable insert and insert holder. Inserts up to 400 mm in length fot the V7 with breathtaking repeatability

Application Height Gauge V4_06

An easy to use, multi-functional and accurate height gauge for both shop floor and quality inspection

Application Height Gauge V7_09

The robust construction of the V7 height gauges allows the use of a wide variety of probes

Measurement of watch movement plate
Height measurement on watch movement plate

Application Height Gauge V5_05

An easy to use, multi-functional and accurate height gauge for both shop floor and quality inspection



Optimized diameter measurements with SmartReverse technology
Application Height Gauge V7_08

Standard measuring inserts up to 400 mm, with excellent repeatability
Application Height Gauge V3_03

V3, the basic universal height-gauge with all essential functions for the workshop

Application Height Gauge V6_08

Height Measurement. The basic functions of height hauges include measuring heights, thicknesses and chain dimensions

Application Height Gauge V3_02

Very robust and mobile instrument for height measuring and tracing in production environment

Application Height Gauge V9_19

Diameter and centerline measurements

Application Height Gauge V4_13

Trimos Height Gauge Improves Quality Control of CNC Components for Sentinel Plastics Ltd

Application Height Gauge V7_10

Use of a long probe on a Trimos V7 height gauge

Application Height Gauge V5_12

3D printing system manufacturer has cut its measurement processing time by 50% using a Trimos height gauge

Application Height Gauge V9_11

Easy statistical checking of series of workpieces thank to the sequential measurement

50 years experience

50 years experience in developing and manufacturinh height gauges in Switzerland