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Trimos height Gauge V6
Manual and Motor-driven
Accuracy: 2 + L(mm)/400 μm
Measuring ranges: 400, 700, 1100 mm
Electronically adjustable measuring force
2 probe holders
Standard probes up to 400 mm
Programmable keys on handle
Vast range of accessories
"Black Mask" display, user-friendly functions
All adjustments possible without tools
RS232 or USB interfaces
Wireless data transfer (optional)
Extremely easy to use
Air cushion

Applications and Functionalities

Min max measurement Trimos
Easy detection of min, max points or flatness of a surface

Diameter measurement Trimos
Diameter Measurements
Simultaneous display of diameter and centerline

Long probes Height Gauge
Long Probes
Standard measuring inserts up to 400 mm, with excellent repeatability

Height measurement Trimos
Height Measurements
Height, thickness and chain of dimensions measurements

Perpendicularity measurement Trimos
Perpendicularity guaranteed on all instruments

Technical Specifications


Measuring range  mm (in)  407 (16) 711 (28) 1110 (44)
Application range mm (in) 719 (28)  1023 (40)   1422 (56)
Max permissible errors, BMPE µm 2 + L(mm)/400
Repeatability, RMPE (2s) µm 1 (Ø:2)
Frontal squareness deviation, SMPE µm 5
Max. Resolutions mm 0.0001 (0.000005)
Measuring force N 0.75 ÷ 1.5
Autonomy h 12
Interfaces   USB / RS232
Air cushion   Yes
Weight kg 21 24