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Trimos Height Gauges

1D Height gauges

A 1D height gauge offers basic features such as heights, diameters, center distances, min / max. It is very appreciated in workshop for its great simplicity of use.

2D Height gauges

A 2D height gauge offers expanded measuring possibilities with a very high level of user comfort. Thus the measurements in 2 coordinates, the programming of measurement sequences can be performed very efficiently.

Display and software - 1D models

Display Height Gauges 1D

The keyboard functions are represented by clear and intuitive symbols. The 2-line display offers the user a great working comfort.

  • Easy reading at any time thanks to the "Black Mask" display
  • Measurement of heights or diameters
  • MIN / MAX / DELTA measurement modes
  • Reset or Preset of the display
  • USB and RS232 interfaces
  • 9 references available
  • Graphical and sonore probing indicator

Height Gauges 1D 

Display and software - 2D Models

Display Height Gauge 2D

The tablet-type display and graphic interface correspond to the most modern industrial standards. The great flexibility offered by the touch screen allows an easy and fast use.

  • Very simple graphic interface
  • Exeptional readability
  • 2D mode measurement
  • Measurement sequences
  • Statistical analysis of results
  • Integrated online help
  • Temperature compensation

Height Gauges 2D