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What is a Height Gauge?

The height gauge is an instrument for dimensional measurement of all kinds of mechanical parts. It is mainly used in the workshop to provide a quick and easy measurement of parts in production, directly by the operator.

Lengths, distances, diameters and squareness Height measurement are part of the essential features. The most sophisticated models offer advanced features such as 2D measurement, statistics or programming and temperature compensation.

Why choose Trimos Height Gauge?

Extremely easy to use
2 years warranty
High working efficiency
Workshop Friendliness
Insured Reliability
Improved Serviceability
 Long-life Instruments
Swiss Made Quality
Large range of accessories
Electronically adjustable measuring force
All adjustments without tools
Innovation Leadership
Height measurement Trimos Height, thickness  measurement
Diameter measurement TrimosDiameter measurement
Min max measurement Trimos Detection of min, max points
Electronic probe squareness measurement Squareness measurement

The ideal tool for the workshop

All workshops need to be equipped with easy-to-use and robust equipment. Even the most advanced height gauges (e.g. V7 or V9) are designed for the toughest production environments.
These instruments are robust and mobile and are so easy to use that anyone can use them without special training.

Workshop Height-gauge
Long probes Height Gauge

Long probes

The great robustness and flexibility of Trimos height gauges allow the use of very diverse probes up to 400 mm long with a breathtaking repeatability.

Smart Reverse

With the goal of delivering exceptional measurement performance, the Trimos team sought out many users who joined their forces to develop the SMART REVERSE technology. The result is amazing and opens a new dimension to the measurement of diameters. All of the user's visual, auditory and tactile senses are exploited to provide an unsurpassed measurement experience in terms of both comfort and speed as well as accuracy.

Smart Reverese
Trimos height gauge V-line

Measuring Range up to 1800 mm

Our height gauges are avaible with different measuring ranges.
You can choose between 400 mm, 700 mm, 1100 mm and 1800 mm models.

Exceptional precision

Trimos height gauges have been developed for the most demanding users. Laboratoires and workshops for whom measuring reliability is determining will fully appreciate their exeptional precision level.

Wireless Connection

Wireless communication

The highly flexible data transfer offered by Trimos opens up new possibilities. Whether by RS232, USB or wireless, measurement values can be easily exported to any application or printer.

Manual and motorized movement

The V3 and V4 are fully manual. The other models are equipped with a revolutionary displacement crank that gives the user the choice of how to move the measuring carriage, either manual or motorized. Each of these modes does not suffer from any compromise, that is to say that the user preferring a manual instrument will note no difference compared to a conventional manual instrument, ditto for motorized movement. This innovation avoids making a difficult choice during the acquisition and makes it possible to satisfy the multiple potential users of the same instrument.

Adjustable display on height gauges

Excellent Readability

Displays of 1D and 2D instruments have been created for optimal readability in all lighting conditions. Clear graphics and information displayed in white on a black background ensures maximum reading comfort. The size of the characters has been chosen for an easy, safe and effective reading of the measurement results.

Robust construction

The construction was developed for the extreme conditions of the workshops. The essential parts are manufactured in our own workshops on last generation machining centers. The other components come from recognized and carefully selected suppliers. Trimos instruments are designed to last for many years.

Trimos perpendicularity measurement

Perpendicularity guaranteed on all instruments

The perpendicularity of the instruments is adjusted and calibrated on all models. It is thus possible to use a lever comparator to check the perpendicularity of the parts. An electronic probe is also available for V6 ÷ V9.

Remote control

All functions of the instrument and its movements (motorized models) can be controlled remotely. This allows the automation of measurement procedures in the context of high quality requirements.

Colonne de mesure V3


With a movement handle operated by the left hand and a measurement crank operated by the right hand, the position of the user is at all times optimal relative to the measured part regardless of its size and shape. The user keeps control of the instrument and the movement of the workpiece at all times. The orientation of the display ensures perfect readability in all configurations.

Large range of accessories

The range of available accessories covers almost all applications. The unique insert weight compensation system also allows the use of specific probes up to 400 g.

Accessories height gauge
Trimos height gauge history

50 Years experience...

Founded more than 50 years ago by metrology enthusiasts, Trimos has always kept a pioneering spirit by offering innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology. Trimos is also the inventor of height gauges and was the first to launch them on the market.

Our philosophy is to offer products and solutions that help our customers improve their productivity. We achieve this goal by respecting 3 fundamental principles: Simplicity of use thanks to easy interfaces, reliability by the use of proven components and precision by integrating the best measurement systems.
Resolutely oriented towards the future, the latest generation of Trimos height gauges is ready to face the challenges of the next industrial revolution.

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